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clinique take the day off

I hid on clinique take the day off for almost a year. However, every time I thought about buying, it was a shame on the jar of lard. Until one day, my favorite drugstore made a sale, and so I became a happy owner of this balm. Now I know that it is worth every money.

clinique take the day offThe balm is enclosed in a lovely, flat, purple jar with a silver cap. This jar is filled with something that at first glance really resembles lard. But nothing more wrong. It is a magical substance that in contact with the warmth of the skin turns into a velvety oil.

My first thought was something like, dear mother, divine, how will I dig it out. And I’m disgusted with burial in all sorts of mazzels. Fortunately, I was worried about exaggeration, because all you need to do is put your hand on the cosmetic and gently grab the right amount on your fingers. Believe me, you really do not need much.

Action clinique take the day off:

As already mentioned, the balm in contact with the skin turns into oil. At least something that resembles oil, but it probably is not exactly what it is, because it cleans up clean and without a problem. Just rinse your face with water, or wipe it with a warm, wet towel and no trace remains. No greasy film, no fatty, sticky layer, just nothing. The face is clean, soft, no trace of drying or irritation. I do not feel any tightening, only gentle hydration. After using the face balm, you do not have to gel any more with soap or soap. You can go straight to the next care phase right away.

As for the issue of removing make-up, I was and I am extremely impressed with the balm. There are days when I do not want to paint. But most of the time I wear on my face, or rather on my eyes, heavy artillery in the form of waterproof mascara, eyelinera, black pencil in large quantities, eyebrow gel, dark eyeshadows, and a base for them. I have recently been experimenting with a black pigment from Inglota. I was terrified because this damn thing, though beautiful, did not want to be washed away. I tarnished and scabbed, with soap, milk, cream, olive, and the only thing I achieved was red eyes, irritated skin and streaks on my face. The Clinique balm gets rid of the pigment in its entirety, in less than a minute. And even I did not have to try especially. Because it’s enough to smudge it a little bit by the eyes and dissolve everything that’s on it. Copes with any, even the darkest and most waterproof eye color. And he does it without any irritation. There is no way that something will burn, even if it accidentally gets a bit of balm to the eye. In this case, it is also enough to wash the rest of the dish with water or wipe it with a towel. You will not even see one streak. Balsam works a lot better, faster and more delicate, from each milk with which I had contact. Even the most expensive one. The biggest advantage is that you simply do not need to rub anything, and the make-up remover turns into a pleasant massage.

clinique take the day offclinique take the day off

Balsam does not dry even very dry and sensitive skin. My friend tested it with the most delicate skin I know and did not hurt her. At the earliest opportunity, I will give it to her.

The smell is like it, and it is not there. Delicate, almost imperceptible and very natural. A characteristic thing for Clinique, whose cosmetics are odorless. I do not mind.

Price, now I know that whatever it is, it is not terrible anyway. For this quality I am able to pay any sum.

I am charmed with balm, in every respect. Such an inconspicuous, and works so fantastically!

It is with great pleasure that I put it in my hits, and on the spot number 1 among face cleansing cosmetics.

I tested a lot of different make-up removal products and there were always some bigger or smaller “buts” in them.
However, when I discovered Clinique Take the Day Off, I will not exchange it for anything else. Finally, I said goodbye to the black marks on the towel, the “panda” under the eyes in the morning after the makeup was not thoroughly washed (and in the evening it seemed that everything was washed away …), stinging eyes, blemishes and many other defects. Washing make-up with this product is fast, easy and accurate. I put some on my hands and massage my face and eyes. Then I wash with soap to remove the greasy film with the remains of make-up and that’s all 🙂
My only tiny, tiny, teeny “but” is the price of the product, but it is incredibly efficient, so you can forgive him.

clinique take the day offBalsam is odorless, fantastically melts on the face, changing its consistency into a delicate milk. Take the Day Off copes with every make-up, removes opaque foundation, waterproof makeup. I use it with a water-based cleaning product as the first stage of care.

ADVANTAGES: – no smell -consistency – no clogging and irritation -takes with each make-up – does not irritate the eyes -elegant packaging

DISADVANTAGES: – high price, but in comparison with performance worth paying!