Long lasting makeup

I have no idea if you can agree with me, but it feels like we’re having a real African heat over there. None of my professional and resistant cosmetics can survive this kind of temperature and it seems that giving up with make up would be the best and only solution. However, if you really, really need to use the fluid, you should rather choose the powder which will help you to slightly control your sebum. Then, check out three out of my favourite, transparent mattifying powders!

So, let me start with my last great discovery which is Catrice Nude Illusion Loose Powder Transparent Matt. Honestly, I didn’t expect a lot, but it was a really big and nice surprise. It’s extremely soft and finely-grinded, it can be smoothly spread on the skin and it doesn’t affect its natural colour. Even if it makes the complexion a little bit lighter, it fits perfectly and becomes totally transparent just in a few minutes. It gives a stunning effect of smooth skin and closed pores. About the mattifying effect, it usually controls my sebum for about 2-3 hours, but the most important thing is that it doesn’t rub out and roll down, what is simply essential during an extreme heat. Moreover, it doesn’t dry the skin out and doesn’t cause any unpleasant surprises. To be frank, I think that’s the best mattifying powder within this price, so if you don’t want to spend a lot of money, feel free to grab this one as its quality is comparable even with more expensive and posh products.

Kryolan Anti-Shine Powder has been present in my cosmetic bag for ages. I always use this powder

when the weather conditions are really extreme, as it’s waterproof and it provides the perfect matt.

However, I have the feeling that the daily usage of this product would dry my skin out, that’s why I

use it only in particular and difficult situations. It’s not so finely-grinded as Catrice powder, so it can

whiten a skin a bit. This effect also stays a little longer, so it’s better to be careful with the applied

amount. I love to use it as a lightener in the central area of the face, so it can improve its proportions.

Kryolan Anti-Shine is a mid-priced products, but it also represents the higher quality. It takes a really

long time to use it up and I don’t think it’s possible to do it before the expiry date (unless you do the

make up also for other people).

About Long lasting makeup

The last powder which I simply love is Rouge Bunny Rouge Diaphanous. The marketing of this brand

together with names and descriptions of its products always makes me smile. At the Douglas.pl

website we can read: „When there comes a sunrise to the Fairytale Forest, little fairies sweetly blows

around to make the magical dust float on the morning breeze. Those charming dandelions became

an inspiration to create the Rouge Bunny Rouge Diaphanous, which provides a smooth and perfect

skin”. Aww, isn’t it cute? Seriously, I need to admit that this powder is simply amazing! This charming

story is totally true. Its silky texture makes it very easy to smoothly spread it on the skin and it

doesn’t create that whitening effect. Although it seems to be very soft and fine, it provides a really

long-lasting, mattifying effect. The proper amount of silica subtly lightens up the face and makes it

look moistened and nourished. Then, this powder would be a perfect choice for dry and normal skin,

but it also works with my combination skin. You just need to be really careful while applying, because

it’s so finely-grinded that it simply floats in the air like a smoke. If only you can afford it, it’s really

worthy to check out.

About Long lasting makeup

All of the mentioned powders are transparent, so they don’t provide any colour and they just adjust

to the natural colour of the skin. Both Catrice and Rouge Bunny Rouge are really finely-grinded, but

the second one is really, really silky. Kryolan is a bit more thick, that’s why, as I already mention, it

shows a tendency to whiten the skin. As an application tool I always use a flat sponge or powder puff,

which sometimes is even attached to the powder. I do it by pushing the powder into the skin and

taking off the extra amount with the brush.

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