Foundation Primers

Foundation Primers – perfect, stunning makeup requires a bit of work, and the right tools.  Because, let’s be honest, everyone is dealing with some skin issue or another, right? Acne, redness, dullness, uneven skin tone, etc. — everyone has something that needs to be covered or corrected before a look can be created. Beauty masterpieces require the right products to refine and balance the skin, preparing it for some makeup magic–even those natural perfect skin unicorns know that. And it all starts with a little miracle potion we like to call primer.

We consider face primer foundation’s ultimate sidekick. The Robin to its Batman, it works behind the scenes to ensure that all goes smoothly (pun intended). With secret powers of its own, it can fill fine lines, make pores disappear and even diffuse light to make skin look more glowing and radiant. In other words, it’s a must when it comes to your face makeup routine. To get the scoop on the best face primers in the industry, we consulted with a few top makeup artists for their go-to picks.

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